The Old Marlburian Golfing Society


1.            The name of the Society shall be ‘The Old Marlburian Golfing Society’.

2.            Any Old Marlburian being a member of the Marlburian Club shall be eligible to join the Society including anyone educated at Marlborough College Malaysia.

3.            A Committee shall run the affairs of the Society, constituted as follows:

-              Officers as defined in Rule 4 below

-              Committee Members consisting of six full members of the Society.

Committee Members shall ordinarily serve a six-year term but may retire at any time on giving notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary.

Each Officer and Committee Member has one vote at meetings of the Committee.

The Committee may elect a Committee Member during the year to fill a casual vacancy, but such appointment shall be ratified at the next AGM.

The Committee may co-opt a full member on to the Committee for a specific purpose, but such co-option shall be ratified at the next AGM. Co-opted Members shall not vote at Committee meetings.

4.            The Officers shall consist of the President, to be elected annually, who shall not hold office for more than three years, the immediate past Captain, the Vice Captain, the Captain, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer, who shall each hold office for one year, but who shall be eligible for re-election.

5.            Service as Captain, President, immediate past Captain and Vice Captain shall not count as Committee Service, and upon appointment to any of these positions, the member will give up his or her status as a Committee member, but shall be eligible to be elected as a Committee Member on ceasing to hold any of these positions.

6.            At a Committee meeting, three shall form a quorum, provided that the Captain, the Honorary Secretary or the Honorary Treasurer is amongst that number.  Committee meetings shall be held at intervals of not more than twelve months for the purpose of transacting any business.

7.            There are two categories of Member

-              Full Members whose annual subscription shall be determined from time to time at the AGM. It shall be a condition of Full Membership of the Society that each member pays the annual subscription by Bankers Standing Order or automated Direct Debit.

-              College Leaver Members who, provided they join within 3 years of leaving the college, will pay no subscription until the age of 30. Such members shall renew their membership every three years.

8.            A prospective member of the Society shall complete the prescribed application form. The Honorary Secretary shall carry out the necessary checks to confirm the eligibility of the prospective member and the category of membership. Once membership has been approved, the new member shall set up a direct payment of the annual subscription and the Honorary Secretary will send the new member a copy of the Members’ Book and a fixture card. The Honorary Treasurer will confirm receipt of the first annual subscription payment and the setting up of the direct payment.

9.            On the recommendation of the Committee, a member may, under special circumstances, be  elected as a Life Member at any General Meeting of the Society, and shall thereafter be entitled to all the privileges of membership, without paying the yearly subscription, or any special payment for such Life Membership.

10.         The Committee shall have power to elect as an Honorary Member at any General Meeting of the Society, any master at Marlborough College who is also a member of the Marlburian Club.  Such Honorary Members shall enjoy all the privileges of the Society, but shall not hold office, or vote at any meeting.

11.         An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society shall be held in connection with the Spring Meeting of the Society. At the AGM, as at any General Meeting of the Society, seven shall form a quorum provided that at least two of the Captain, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer are amongst that number. Business at the AGM will include but not be limited to:

-              Captain’s and Honorary Secretary’s reports

-              Approval of Accounts

-              Election of Officers and Committee Members

-              Any other business.

12.         The Committee may at any time convene a Special General Meeting of the Society.

13.         The financial year of the Society ends on 31st March. The Honorary Treasurer will present Annual Accounts for approval by the Committee and at the AGM

14.         The Committee shall have power to call upon any member to resign, if, in their opinion, such member shall have been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Society, and thereupon such member shall cease to be a member of the Society.  Any member ceasing to be a member of the Marlburian Club shall cease to be a member of the Society.

15.         Any member shall have power to arrange a match between the Society and any other Society or recognised Golf Club, after obtaining permission from the Honorary Secretary.

16.         The Committee shall have full power in the conduct of all OMGS competitions and may alter or allot handicaps for all OMGS meetings.

17.         Any changes to the rules shall be approved at an AGM by a majority of two thirds of those attending and eligible to vote.


The Honorary Secretary would be glad if members with access to the web site would amend their profiles with details of any changes to email, address, telephone numbers, clubs or handicap and those without access would inform the Honorary Secretary of such changes by some other means.

Members, irrespective of handicap, are reminded that the Honorary Secretary and Match Managers welcome applications to play in any of the matches and would be grateful if members would acquaint other Old Marlburian friends with the activities of the Society.

The Society’s tie, sweater and other OMGS branded items may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer.

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